Person Who Donated a SUV to a Georgia Family Will Remain Anonymous

December 30th, 2014

Christy Ethridge is a single mother of two teenagers in Henry County, Georgia, but this Christmas she found out how much God really watches over for her.

Cristy had a 1996 Explorer that had been giving her trouble for 18 years. Every liquid that could leak did leak. They used pieces of cardboard to park on so the fluids would not ruin the garage floor.

Because so many things were wrong with her Explorer she was afraid to leave the county in which she lived. It also meant her son who plays travel baseball has never had his family there cheering him on when he was at the World Series in Florida.

But on December 19 her children got home from school they noticed a white SUV with a red bow on the hood parked in their driveway. They called her, and she told them to check it out. When they opened the SUV they found a note that simply said Merry Christmas, Cristy with the keys and the title. The story passed around all over Twitter, I saw it on Christian Broda’s page.

Cristy believes God has always been with her through trying times and has decided not to look for the donor because of the verses Mathew 6:1-4.

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