Oxford and Columbia: The Journey of Sam Tabar

January 20th, 2015

When parents dream of their children growing up, their thoughts often turn to where their children will attend college. Naturally, all parents harbor the hope their children will be the ones attending an Ivy League school or other college or university that is well-known and respected for its educational aspects. Such has been the case for Sam Tabar, who has risen from the ranks to earn a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from Oxford University and a law degree from Columbia Law School. Not only has Sam earned these degrees, but he has taken them into the real world and made them pay off for him in ways never thought of in the past.

 After most students graduate from college, they are very content to accept entry-level jobs that offer little responsibility and opportunity for growth. This was not the case for Sam, who has worked for some of the world’s most well-known law firms as well as financial management companies in Hong Kong and various destinations. Utilizing his foreign language skills in French and Japanese, Sam has been counted on by the firms for which he has worked to attract investors to hedge funds and keep them well-informed along the way. Needless to say, Sam has done all that and much more. Having an interest in financial investments since an early age, Same combined that with his education to form an almost unbeatable combination.

Using the knowledge he has acquired through study in both the classroom and boardroom, he has been able to obtain results through his investment recommendations that show why he is considered the premier hedge fund expert of his time.

 Demonstrating that hard work and a passion for your work always pay off, Sam has taken his love of traveling to many different locales around the globe and used it to his advantage. Meeting with people of various cultures, Sam has been able to become fluent in French and Japanese. Knowing and understanding these cultures has helped Sam when planning his widely recognized strategies aimed at people around the world, letting him have a better understanding of just what ideas will work in certain parts of the world. Not only did Sam gain a college education on the international stage, but he also gained a real-world business education by his travels. It’s not everyone who can boast having degrees from Oxford and an Ivy League law school, yet Sam has continued to be very down-to-earth regarding his success.

 Judging from the kind of career Sam has had thus far, it’s safe to say he has used his education well. Having been an attorney as well as a financial advisor and manager, Sam has shown the path to success can take many forms. For him, it involved years spent walking the campus of two of the world’s best institutions of higher learning. Born with a passion for life and determination to succeed, Sam Tabar continues to amaze those around him with his never-ending number of talents.

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