Online Reputation Management with Darius Fisher

October 22nd, 2015

In today’s world, you need to maintain your online reputation.It’s imperative for your business to do that. Any poor review on social media or website can have adverse effects on your business. Any negative review impacts your business considerably, ultimately hurting its future prospects. It affects current and future customers. Public opinion is never fair but is final. There is a need for any individual to control the narrative.
Fortunately, there are ways you can control the story. One of the best and most efficient ways is taking a proactive role and controlling the narrative. It includes building a digital fortress ASAP. It also involves creating compelling online content and posting it on relevant blogs and websites. It has two significant effects, it adds to customer referrals and increases your Digital Reputation Management (DRM).The content of such blogs should search engine optimized. A vast majority of people don’t search beyond page 1 of the search index. The optimization shall involve things closely related to your brand and business including insights it can offer.
If you are an individual, create a personal website with your name. Google recognizes search algorithms, and your site will rank highest. In it, include the resume you would like to sell. Beyond business and brand, seek to humanize yourself. Talk of things you passionate that drive you. Things like philanthropy are critical as it shows your human side.
It’s also important to make sure the management in the company has good online reputations. Last year, management team searches were up 50%. Their reputation should be as good as the company. You should also enlist the services of a DRM company like the Status Labs to help with digital hygiene. They evaluate your online footprint, those of the management and create strategies for offensive and defensive cleans ups.
Darius Fisher is the head honcho at Status Labs. Status Labs handles client’s online crisis and fixes their reputations. It promotes a customer’s reputation as a proactive measure and does damage control after the fact. Mr Fisher has reliable advice on online etiquette.
You should remove private data online. It includes your home number, address and seeking it removed from data brokers.
Your online social media privacy settings should match your needs.
Frequently change your passwords and make sure you remember them.
If hacked, take screen shots and report to the relevant authorities.
If you had a sloppy youth, you could change your identity entirely to gain a good reputation.

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