Omar Boraie Gives More Back To New Jersey

November 3rd, 2015

Omar Boraie has been committed to the state of New Jersey, and NewsWise has reported his massive gift to Rutgers University. Omar once revitalized the city of New Brunswick, and today he is giving money to help Rutgers continue its great work. This article explains how a 40-year developer of the state is helping the state’s education system.

#1: The Omar Boraie Chair Of Genomics At Rutgers University

The Omar Boraie Chair of Genomics at Rutgers University will be paid for by a $1.5 million gift given by Boraie to the university. This gift will pay for a leadership position in the department of genomics, and Rutgers can expand this department based on the leader they can now hire. Genomics is a relatively new field of study that universities are taking seriously for the first time, and great researchers will come to Rutgers knowing that the university is committed to this department.

#2: Omar Is a Committed New Jersey Resident

Omar has been committed to New Jersey since he started his first development over 40 years ago. He wanted to work with city leaders on developments that would turn dilapidated buildings into new developments. Omar was able to turn New Brunswick from a haven for crime and bad housing into a middle class suburb that is literally unparalleled in the state of New Jersey. New Brunswick is a pillar of what New Jersey should look like today.

#3: Can Rutgers Turn This Gift Into More Gifts?

Omar Boraie has provided Rutgers with an opportunity to turn his $1.5 million gift into more gifts in the future. Donors will see Omar giving this money to the university, and other donors will follow to help prop up a new department. The university can invest the $1.5 million gift in funds that will create great returns, and the university can promote their new Omar Boraie Chair of Genomics job when the professor gives talks, speaks in the community and writes articles for professional journals.

Omar Boraie’s commitment to New Jersey is apparent in his personal revitalization of New Brunswick, and his $1.5 million gift cements a professorship at Rutgers that can be used to create a massive new department. Genomics may not be the largest area of study at Rutgers today, but the department will begin to grow based on this new endowment of a professorship that will help grow studies in this new field.


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