November 5th, 2015

he Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, to drive groundbreaking research in the field of precision medicine. With the establishment of the chair on October 21, 2015, as recently published in NewsWise article, the Rutgers Cancer Institute has gained recognition of the gold standard in higher education . The Institute is committed to an academic discipline of the highest level that ensures its progression and continued support. Omar Boraie, who is the New Brunswick developer, made a $1.5 million pledge to support the chair that was named after him.
With employment of a new approach to the treatment of cancer, the field of Genomic science and precision medicine is slowly transforming how medical professionals engage treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Recently introduced to the Rutgers Cancer Institute, the field employs treatment of tumors on a genetic level, enabling oncologists to employ the right therapies that will ensure positive and much better outcomes. President Barrack Obama noted on the national importance of the initiative in his most recent State of the Union Address. The National Precision Medicine Initiative was launched to focus all its efforts on finding a cure for cancer and other ailments.
Despite there being numerous research institutes making significant progress in gene sequencing in tumors, the Rutgers Cancer Institute was among the first in the country to approach gene sequencing as new means for the treatment of cancer. Genomic sequencing has proved a valuable asset in providing the suited therapy for especially patients with limited treatment options, poor prognoses and those with rare cancers.
Boraie has a background in chemistry has a consistent interest in cancer research. Mr. Omar Boraie plays an integral part in the advancement of precision medicine at New Brunswick and reports anticipation of better outcomes in the treatment of patients with unresponsive cancer. His support has left a lasting impact on cancer research that he hopes will encourage other donors to come forward with the funding he initiative. The research has also been able to classify cancers into different sub-groups with similar characteristics but varying genetics to determine individualized cancer treatment options.
Rutgers Cancer Institute is the state’s first and remaining, recognized for comprehensive cancer research. The institute is dedicated to finding new enhanced methods in diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients and providing an education resource for the prevention of cancer. Various oncologists covering various fields in the treatment of cancer provide groundbreaking research that is quickly translated into clinical practice bringing their research to life. Their dedication is noted for providing a beam of light to critically ailed cancer patients.

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