Oil Production in Venezuela Fallings

June 17th, 2016

The economic crisis in Venezuela has now created even more challenges. According to My Space, rioting and looting amid worsening food shortages now appear to be affecting the oil production in the area. The country has the the world’s largest oil reserves but the output in the country is quickly dropping. Production in the country dropped to 2.37 million barrels per day in May, that’s down 5 percent from the previous month.
The slowness of production appears to be affecting many, including workers in the area.
“Workers’ moods are in the dumps,” said Danilo Diaz, a union leader in the oil-producing area of Lake Maracaibo. The mood appears to get worse by the day. The crisis is even affecting workers getting the things they need such as certain equipment.

The crisis in the area has affected almost all areas including production in the Orinoco Belt and area known heavy crude deposits in the Venezuelan savanna. Production in this area is down as well.

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