Officers Sue California City For Forced Ticket Quota Enforcement

March 9th, 2015

Six Whittier California Cops Say They Were Forced To Write Tickets On Their Shifts

Driving a car is a double edge sword when you think about what can happen behind the wheel. Driving through a small town for the first time and obeying all the speed limit signs posted on your route can be a daunting task. At certain times, our minds are working on another project while we drive.

Zeca Oliveira knows that almost everyone has been stopped at one time or another for a minor law infraction that resulted in a ticket with a hefty fine attached to it. The options are: go to court and take a course, which cost around $100 or pay the expensive ticket. Neither one is acceptable especially if the misdemeanor your received was an orchestrated plot by the local police.

That’s what six Whittier, California police officers say in a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The officers say their careers were damaged when they refused to write tickets on their shifts. Evidently, Whittier police department has a ticket writing quota in place, and if the officers didn’t write their quota for a shift they faced retaliation from the officers in charge.

Imposing ticket quotas is against the law. We all know this scheme helps create more revenue, and it is standard operating procedure for some police departments. Rather than suing, maybe the officers should send out a list of quota-demanding police departments. That way we all get a little justice and maybe less tickets.

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