North Korea Seeks to Extend Its Policy Interpretations

January 29th, 2015

The government of North Korea recently sought to bring its domestic policies to bear upon two nearby nations, Cambodia and South Korea. It indicated that Cambodia should ban a comedy that does not portray the North Korean leader favorably, The Interview. The North Korean government also warned South Korea that it will detain South Korean citizens working in a joint border factory zone, in the event of a dispute between North Korean and any of the South Korean companies.

From what Bernardo Chua (Facebook), understands, On Sunday, Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the North Korean Embassy had delivered a message stating that a failure on the part of Cambodia’s government to ban the film, which is outlawed in North Korea, could result in “fragile relations” between the two countries. Cambodia has a law prohibiting political propaganda against other nations, so its government initially assented to the North Korean demands. This decision prompted strident criticism from some constitutional law advocates within Cambodia.

Tension increased between North and South Korea yesterday, when North Korea asserted that it has a right to detain South Korean citizens conducting business at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a jointly run manufacturing zone lying just within North Korea’s border. Approximately 53,000 North Koreans and hundreds of South Koreans work there, employed by some 125 South Korean businesses. In 2013, North Korea closed the zone for a period of five monthso

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