October 16th, 2017

Edison Research consortium head Mr. Webster Tom together with his counterpart from the PodcastOne and a renowned Chief Executive Officer Mr. Pattiz Norman reported on the outcome of the research that was undertaken to access consumer response towards the podcasts broadcast. The study was carried out for six months towards the end of the year 2016, and the final finding gave a positive impact towards the listeners ( A closer analysis of the outcome indicates that a sixty percent of the listeners appreciated a matter relating to a specific grocery line advertisement. This significantly went up from an initial response of 7%.

Self-supporting product reception improved before the research and after the study by 47% for a commercial service commodity, 37% for vehicle post-market products and 24% for the farm and grass goods. At the end of the study the results, it identified that the respondents had positive feedback on the vehicle post-market stock that tabled a remarkable increment from the initial figure of 18%. The respondents indicated that they were confident when it came to using the yard products with 22% indication. The outcome gave a significant positive change from the previous one of 16%. For a particular vehicle advertisement, a progress of 60% was registered and this also applied to the simple restaurant that also outlined a change up to 76%.

Five different brands selected across the nation and profiled for this research study that was carried out by the Edison research consortium. Of the five different names compiled, some were new entrants to the market and others needed to use this opportunity as a strategic action to create or prelaunch their awareness to the public domain. A pre-assessment was carried out through online surveys and also done after launching the products and having stayed four to six weeks a second research was conducted to analyze whether there was a significant change.

As the well-celebrated man behind the PodcastOne remarkable achievement, Mr. Norman Pattiz is also known to have founded the sensational Sporting, entertainment, Talk show platform in America Known as the Westwood One. On the Broadcasting Council of Governors of the United States, Mr. Pattiz is privileged to be nominated to this board by the head of state; both President Clinton and Bush administration respectively. To his name, he holds accolades in broadcasting and also admitted in the Regional Radio Hall of Fame.Through all this, he has truly became an icon in the broadcasting industry.


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