Norman Pattiz And Podcast Adverstising

July 7th, 2017

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne recently announced the successful results of the comprehensive study completed by Edison Research. The studies intention was to determine whether advertising was effective on podcasts.

They used fiver major consumer brands in five different product categories. This is the first time advertisement has been studied in a podcast setting. It showed that advertising on podcast was beneficial for brand real, special message recall, and the desire to purchase.

The study found hat over 60 percent of the audience was able to recall a specific food brand after the advertising campaign was completed. That is a stark contrast to the seven percent recalled from before the study.

Product awareness also increased by 47 percent in the financial services category. It improved by 37 percent int he automobile category and 24 percent for lawn and garden products. After the study, over a third of the audience reported a “very favorable” idea of the products that were advertised.

The knowledge of a particular campaign message improved by 60 percent in the automobile market. Edison Research held three different studies in that year alone and found that advertising via podcast was very effective overall.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz released a statement announcing his pleasure to work with Edison Research. The results that were gathered support their multi-tired approach to including measurement and adverting into their business plan. Tom Webster, Vice President of Edison Research, believes that the results of the study are conclusive and conducted responsibly and effectively.

Norman is the Executive Chairman at PodcastOne, a company that he founded himself. He has been in the business of radio for over 40 years now, during which time he has proven himself to be a top of the line player in the industry.

Norman Pattiz also founded Westwood One which is a provider of sports, entertainment, news, traffic, and talk programming. Westwood One is the top provider for programming in American and has worked with NBC, CBS News, CNN radio, NFL Football, March Madness, the Olympics, and many more.

Norman Pattiz also launched the Courtside Entertainment Group back in 2010. This company produces and distributes programming to networks all over and features a large selection of media personalities.

During President Clinton’s reign, Norman Pattiz was elected to work on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He is also featured int he National Radio Hall of Fame.

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