Nick Vertucci: From Ashes of the Dot Com Crash to a Master of Property Flipping

September 24th, 2017

The 2000 dot com crash left many investors in technology reeling in financial losses as many of them lost their entire investments. One such investor who suffered severe losses during the crash was Nick Vertucci who saw all his finances dissolve before his eyes. After years of being his own boss and running a success company specializing in computer parts, Mr. Vertucci found himself in unfamiliar territory of financial crisis as he had not secured his financial future through investment. However, with dedication and focus he rose from the ashes of financial obscurity to become one of the leading investors in the real estate properties market. His journey towards leaving the financial hole he had found himself in began with seminars, which trained people on how to invest in the real estate industry.


Today, Nick Vertucci has dedicated himself to training others on the same through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) he founded in 2013. Moreover, he uses mass media platforms including “The Real Estate Flipping Hour” radio show, which he hosts and is dedicated to teaching the masses the art of successful real estate property flipping. He is also a public speaker who primarily focuses on investment in the real estate industry. He organizes and speaks in various seminars in various cities.


NVREA: A Premier Real Estate Training Institution


After successfully making a mark in the real estate industry as an entrepreneur, Nick identified the existing gap between real estate knowledge and skills and the strong desires by aspiring investors to succeed. Noting that while many people had a strong desire to succeed financial as real estate investors, they lacked the knowledge and skills that could help them turn their dreams into reality. Since its founding in 2013, NVREA has carved out a name for itself as of the leading institutions dedicated to churning out knowledgeable real estate investors. As one of the premier real estate training center in the United States, NVREA’s reputation is built on creating simple yet effective real estate investment strategies including flipping foreclosed properties that were owned by banks.


NVREA’s success is pillared on strong leadership and management and multifaceted approach to training. The institution holds regular seminars across various American cities with the view of reaching more people. This customer-centric approach ensures that the institution take their services directly to the clients. It also boasts of a strong, multi-tiered leadership headed by Nick Vertucci as the chief executive officer. Additionally, all companies owned by Nick Vertucci offer learning support to NVREA students.


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