New York Offices for Rent: Check Out Workville NYC

July 14th, 2016

Small Start Ups Can Share Spaces and Prosper

It could be the air or it could be the collective pulse, but there is a certain vibrant energy that promotes positive results in co-working spaces. There have been studies done on just this type of environment where employees have a surge in productivity. It could be much like the old method of ‘We Whistle While We Work,’ unity and oneness of mind that takes place when people are in the work mode and join together in a harmonious way to get the job done even if the job is not so savory to live through.

Workville in New York City follows this model. Sunny and located just inches away from Time Square, this model has been studied for its benefits. Research has shown a level of six on a scale of seven for the concentration of focus which causes the workers to thrive while they toil at their tasks together. To further underline the contrast between co-working spaces and regular work spaces, the co-working employees delivered on a scale of a whole point higher than the average workers doing their tedium in the traditional office spaces.

By now, most should be curious about what it is that indicates that these co-working space employees are thriving more than the traditional work space employees are.The workers love the flexibility, friendship and sharing of open desk space as is the norm at Workville. The outdoor terraces and cafe lounges are a real hit. It is a coworking space NYC with a wide spectrum of worker from remote workers to freelancers to other independent professionals. What is really important about this mix of workers is the secret to their productivity.

Input from various managers, founders and employees of these co-working spaces were put into a regression analysis for interpretation of the data. It was common to find that each of these workers felt their work was meaningful. These workers also enjoyed being able to transport the entire work shelf space to their co-working environmental space. Often these same workers are wearing hats as employees of multiple companies who need their expertise. So they thrive from being a sought after human commodity for a variety of tasks which is more stimulating, mentally. Another advantage was that the workers shared many similar cultural experiences and talents so they could benefit each other by helping one another get their work done.

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  1. Furina Melvin says:

    They could share skill sets and enhance one anothers’ outcomes. It is a collective of workers for the greater good as many socially responsible work places aspire to be and can be learned about in there. The only thing that helped him is that has a lot to offer him and that has contributed greatly to their success.

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