New York City Police Department Retraining Officers

May 4th, 2015

The New York City Police Department is just one of a number of police departments nationwide, which are taking the time to retrain their officers in talking suspects into handcuffs and various tactics to lower the potential of violent confrontations. After a number of well publicized police shootings in Ferguson Missouri, South Carolina and the violent take down and unlawful detention of a man in Baltimore, police departments are realizing that they need to be proactive and take additional steps to deal with police citizen encounters without having the encounter escalate to a violent event. NYPD Retrains Officers

New York City is retraining their officers to talk with potential suspects in a tone which does not escalate a situation. Even if the person is drunk or is being aggressive verbally, the officers are being taught that maintaining a steady tone of voice will help calm the person down. In each of the cases that resulted in the death of a suspect, evidence was released which indicated that the exchange of words by the police officers were initially aggressive in tome and quickly escalated the encounter with the individual. Igor Cornelsen understands that it is hoped that by providing the officers with this additional skill set that the they will avoid events which have garnered international attention in the past year. The training also provides additional safety for officer as the tactics of calmly talking to an individual provides the officer more time to assess the situation and to determine if they is an actual threat that they need to be mindful off.

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