New Mexico Student Suspended for making Parents Aware

March 3rd, 2015

The recent suspension of an 8th grade student in New Mexico brings up questions as to whether the rights of students and parents are being disregarded by the school system. The girl simply printed out and distributed forms that allow parents to opt out of the online-standardized testing system. The young girl said she just wanted to let parents know that they had an option.

She spent nearly an hour and a half waiting for the principal to talk to her once she was called to the office. When the principal took her into the office, the girl was told that she was suspended for distributing the material. The forms are found on the school’s own website and the girl says she feels she did nothing wrong. The school seems to agree with her in theory, as their public statement suggests, but she was still suspended for the action.

Sultan Alhokair knows that it does not make sense to this girl or her mother as to why she was suspended. What is clear is that student rights appear to have been trampled on in this particular case. It makes people wonder how many other occasions students have been punished for things that they had every right to do. It may be time for parents to research the topic of student rights to see if other violations such as this occur when the school is upset that parents are made aware of their real options.

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