December 16th, 2015

The world of pop has huge fans who loved the songs and dances of Michael Jackson. Since his demise in 2009 at his Los Angeles mansion, many fans felt the loss of the pop star. But his memories remain intact with the upcoming artist who is the greatest of Michael’s impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a Spanish-born artist who fell in love with Michael’s songs since he was a child. He has since then practiced to be the greatest look-alike of Michael and he never disappoints the former star fans.

His voice is a blessing and a talent. His lifestyle including clothing is completely the same as that of Michael. He is also very similar to dancing style and choreography of Michael. Sergio met the famous star during his childhood after her mother took him the Jackson five shows. Since then he fell in love with the artist’s songs and lifestyle.
The morale to become Michael started when he was a child. But the effort has been continuous. When he was a teenager, he received an invitation to a photo session dressed like Michael. It showed the world appreciated him, and he gave his best to it. He says he practices hard to maintain the songs and dancing styles of the late pop star.
Sergio is a humble man; he has toured several countries in the tribute to Michael Jackson shows. He has interacted with the fans of the star worldwide. Most of the fans admire his talent. He has also received numerous invitations on the tribute to Michael shows. Being in the global limelight with a fan expectation is not easy. Sergio admits it takes practice and talent. He must meet the standards set by the former king of pop. And his fans are his greatest motivator. Whenever he performs Michael’s songs, the crowds cheer him out. They are impressed with his performance.
He has gained an enormous following on Facebook and Twitter. His Facebook page has over 16000 Fans. Most are the fans of the late king of pop, but some more are growing to like Sergio more. He is also reachable through his Twitter account. Sergio is also an inspiring artist who is positively contributing to nurturing young talents. His love for Michael Jackson has turned to be his greatest career.

Source: R7

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