Meet Influential Executive-class Businesswoman Susan McGalla

August 26th, 2015

Business women today are fierce leaders. Some business feel threatened and vulnerable. It’s fascinating to observe how a businesswoman manages her duties within an organization. Some women in business aren’t too thrilled about the title and what it comes with. As high achievers, business women face tremendous competition, especially from their male counterparts. With a charismatic attitude and dynamic leadership skills, women have become heads of numerous male-dominated industries. The days when gender difference dictated a woman’s fate has long gone. Nowadays, they’re networking and establishing lucrative business partnerships with men of equal integrity. With an urgent need to build their hierarchical stance; woman executives usually work extremely hard to earn everyone’s respect especially that of their male counterparts. Even moms have become entrepreneurs leading successful companies that were typical male-dominated businesses.

Dignified woman executives like Susan Mcgalla are the masterminds behind the creation of successful business ideas and influential product launches. They’re empowering other women and expanding their network to create lucrative business opportunities. Men aren’t entirely forgotten, but business women are extremely competitive these days. Women-owned companies are largely becoming a trend worldwide. A recent research reported an impressive 59% increase in the last decade and a half. Amazingly, it also found that the revenue appreciation reported for these companies was 63% according to the study. Financially, women-owned business are usually secure. The minimum funding required is a smaller budget compared to that of male-dominated companies. A study conducted in 2012 reported a 40% appreciation in angel investments to fund women-owned business endeavors. Women involved in angel investing have gained an influence lately. A research confirmed that the population has seen a 50% incline in recent years.

Even with a smaller capital, business women manage to build an empire delivers similar performance to their male-owned counterparts. Business startup failures are fewer with women-led companies too. This creates profit-making venture capital opportunities to generate wealth and financial security for a business. Some investors prefer women as executives and entrepreneurs to male counterparts. It’s often perceived as a safer, healthier business environment to maximize revenue and returns.

Susan McGalla represents powerful, influential woman executives. Ohioan-born McGalla has become a top-achieving executive consultant and businesswoman. Now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she’s Pittsburgh Steelers managing director. He role in this capacity involves guiding the company’s growth and development through strategic planning. She attended Mount-Union College and earned a graduate-level business-and-marketing bachelor’s degree. She’s also a board advisor at the said college. Stephen McGalla he husband is a high achiever too. He’s an accomplished wealth management expert.

Susan has assumed numerous managerial and marketing roles from 1986-1995. She’s an active HFF Inc. board member and former high-end designer clothing line AEO (American-Eagle-Outfitters) president. At Wet-Seal Inc. McGalla served a long, dutiful term as CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer). She also became a University-of-Pittsburgh trustee. Susan directed the Allegheny-Conference where she focused on affairs involving community development. With Susan’s successful career as a high-achieving business executive, she’s empowering other female leaders. Some businessmen express admiration of the fierceness and creative competition women leadership has brought to the industry.

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