Measles Parties are Bad According to Doctors

February 10th, 2015


A series of measles outbreaks has been occurring across the nation since at least January 1, 2015, and the cause may have been a group of tourists at Disneyland. The group went to the popular theme park possibly infected with the disease and not immunized against it. Although measles is generally not deadly, it can be and that is what medical officials are warning parents about.

A debate over whether to get children immunized against the measles surfaced on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter after news of the initial outbreak was reported. Zeca Oliveira agrees with the doctors who agree with parents who believe the immunizations are the safest way to keep kids healthy. Some parents in California disagree, rather siding with an old practice that took place prior to the discovery of the vaccine.

The practice is having Measles Parties. Parents take their children to a party where non-vaccinated children are and hope that the exposure results in the children contracting measles. Once a child has measles, it cannot be contracted again. The biggest problem with this method is that it has a higher likelihood of the child dying as a result of pneumonia. Although measles is not usually fatal, there is a high risk for pneumonia, a health problem that is hard for children to fight. Children who are immunized still face some risk, but not nearly the risk of actually contracting measles.

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