MB2 Dental

February 6th, 2018

MB2 Dental Solutions is a close-knit group of doctors with the same goal: to help their patients as much as possible. They visit Jamaica with the ability to help people who do not always have access to medical care at home. MB2 Dental doctors view each other as family, wherever they go. As dentists, they strive to bring medical care to everybody who needs it. Dentists don’t like business or administrative work. Dentists are not taught in medical school how to run a practice. MB2 Dental is a network of professionals who do not want to be isolated but instead, they need to network for advice.

Everybody wants everybody to succeed, and MB2 Dental Solutions is a small family of sorts where you can get advice and feedback from clinicians who have experienced what you are trying to accomplish in your practice. MB2 Dental Solutions provides resources so dentists can have an administrative assistant who handles payroll and HR issues, market the practice in a cost effective manner, work on legal issues, as well as maintain compliance status and credentials. MB2 Dental Solutions provides a team of experts to help dentists run things behind the scenes. MB2 Dental Solutions has over 80 affiliated locations in 6 states.

Dental school is all about teaching the art of dentistry, not how to run a practice. Each dentist under MB2 Solutions wants to make sure that their patients have a good experience with them. Dentists appreciate a happy patient. They also like to do volunteer dentistry missions in poor countries that have limited access to dental care such as Jamaica. Many dentists do not want to work on the business side of dentistry when they are so busy. Under MB2 Solutions, dentists get help with credentialing, billing & collections, and even marketing.

Many dentists in states with MB2 Solution branches consider joining MB2 Solutions a great life decision. MB2 Solutions decided also to use their affluence and help survivors of Hurricane Harvey, donating clothing, shoes, diapers, child products, food, water, and other necessities. Donations were taken to affiliate offices, as well as churches. MB2 Solutions prides themselves on really caring about what is going on, wherever we are. We know our customers appreciate the support we give. Hurricane Harvey was a devastating natural disaster that affected many people. Many families were affected by the hurricane, and everything donated went straight to them. Consider joining MB2 for the many benefits. click here

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