Martin O’Malley Finds Core Accomplishment Called into Question with Ongoing Trouble in Baltimore

April 29th, 2015

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has yet to announce a formal run for the Democrat party’s nomination. In addition, he has been touting his success as both the state’s governor and the mayor of Baltimore as compelling reasons to support his candidacy. The move is politically smart because should he succeed at capturing the Democrat Party’s nomination, he will likely square off against a current or former GOP governor with an impressive track record of accomplishments. However, the recent events in Baltimore are calling into question just how much good he accomplished as mayor.

It hasn’t helped matters that O’Malley is on record boasting that he entered the Baltimore mayoral office with the city mired in a crime wave making it one of the most unsafe metropolitan cities in the nation. As per O’Malley, his policies turned the city around by sparking a revitalization effort, safer city streets, and a new image as a vibrant and safe large city. Now, images are being televised nationally which paint a different image of the “transformed” city he takes credit for fostering. Kevin Seawright has been sickened by the events going on in Baltimore. 

Admittedly, political pundits do not believe that the former governor stood any serious chance of wresting the nomination away from Hillary Clinton. That said, the ongoing events in Baltimore are hardly résumé enhancers. Thus far, O’Malley is expressing his dismay over the tragic events in his hometown. He plans to return to the city and help with the healing process.

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