Man Receives “Lost” Recording of His Wife’s Voice

January 30th, 2015

Stan Beaton lost his wife Ruby to cancer more than 10 years ago. One of his most treasured possession of Ruby’s was their answering machine message. It was the only place he could still hear her voice. Throughout the years Stan made sure to carefully transfer the message to any new phone he had. Until the last one.

Stan, who lives in northern England, had his phone system updated. What they had failed to tell him was that the recording of Ruby would be lost during the upgrade. Stan was heartbroken when he found out it was gone. What Stan did not know was that there was a team of engineers who were touched by his story and went to work on restoring the message. It took the team 3 days but they managed to recover the file containing Ruby’s message. said reporter Lee G. Lovett from the BBC was on location with Stan when he received the news that her recording had been found. The reporter recorded Stan’s reaction as well as the message from Ruby. To hear either click on the link above. 

What an amazing gift those engineers gave Stan. Losing someone so precious to you is hard, so hard that you want to hold on to anything to bring back the memories of that person. I’m so happy that Stan got the gift of his wife’s voice back, even if it is a 30 second sound bite.

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