Making It Illegal to Smoke in Your Car with a Minor Is Springing up All Over

April 1st, 2015

Tons of research has shown, that without a doubt, second-hand smoke is indeed hazardous to our health. Add that fog of toxins to the confined space of the inside of a vehicle, and you’ve got exposure levels that the EPA considers to be quite harmful. Where does the government belong in this scenario? Other than supporting PSA’s and smoke-free car campaigns to educate the public of the dangers, nowhere. But, this is America, where the government is increasingly stepping over the line when it comes to injecting itself into the lives of its citizens.

 According to Kevin Seawright, several municipalities in Alabama, Hawaii, Indiana, New Jersey and New York also maintain a ban. Each area varies on the age of the child, from under 18-years of age, to under 8-years of age.Bill SB0728, which was approved Tuesday by the Springfield Senate Public Health Committee, now gives law enforcement the legal ability to stop drivers who are presumed to be smoking in an automobile that is carrying a passenger under 18-years of age. If found to be violating the new law, offenders are looking at a $100 fine.

The American Lung Association’s Kath Drea says that second-hand smoke exposure is encountered by two out of five minors, “and seven out of ten black children are regularly exposed to second hand smoke.” More can be read on

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  1. Luz Lance says:

    Illinois is the latest state, along with Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and also Puerto Rico, that has enacted a ban which prohibits smoking in a vehicle when a minor is present. It might have been inclusive that coupon codes did not make it work as it supposed which might not be so far from the truth.

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