Magnises, Transforming Lives of the Millennials

December 8th, 2016

Magnises is a new private platform that was founded to connect young people. The member’s only club was upgraded this year, and the subscribers can have access to several benefits. Some of these include hotel discounts, hidden restaurant menus that are served by top chefs and also served in exclusive dining rooms, VIP club access, private member spaces, some different art previews at best galleries in New York and a mobile application based assistance.

Each member of the club has a personalized black Magnises card that serves as a payment tool when presented with the members debit or credit card. Billy McFarland founded Magnises, and it acts as an exclusive platform for Millennials. This group of people can interact and take their lives to a higher level, thanks to Magnises.

Members of Magnises have access to several benefits. All of them are allowed to visit some of the best clubs in the city, get exclusive prices when getting tickets to hot events, sports, concerts and special reservations. The mobile application from Magnises serves as a personal assistant to the members. Whenever they need help, it is presented at the palm of their hands.

Magnises makes sure that there are several areas in the city where the members can meet and hold any type of meetings with friends. After a long day at work, the members can meet and chat. This serves as a way of networking the Millennials too. The members can help each other on different matters during these meetings.

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Becoming a member of the platform is not a challenging task. Billy McFarland says that the potential members of the club should visit the institution’s website and click on the application. After completing the application form, the managing team reviews it and if the candidate is accepted, then they receive an email in a short duration. After the application is approved, the members are supposed to pay an annual registration fee.

After completing the registration form, the member of Magnises can be allowed to start enjoying the numerous benefits. They can choose to go for a hockey game where they sit in the front row. The members can also opt to dress up and go out with other members to try out new things and at the end of the day have some fun. The application from the private platform makes things easy for the members. They can book a restaurant for a meeting with friends when they are still working at the restaurant.

Although the private platform was started to serve as a networking opportunity for all Millennials in the world, it is only available for the people living in New York at the moment. Billy McFarland says that his platform will soon be expanded to other cities of the world. Most of the members of the platform are in the fashion, technology and finance industry too. This does not mean that other members of other departments cannot join. At the moment, Magnises accepts registration from individuals who are aged between twenty-one to twenty-nine years. There are six thousand members of the club at the moment.

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