Madison Street Capital Recap

February 15th, 2016

According to, the middle market investment bank revealed its global financial outlook for 2016. The year 2015 was a successful one for Madison Street Capital, with 42 total hedge fund deals transacted or announced, a 27% improvement over the previous year.

With a predicted wave of new transactions resulting from strategic success in the fourth quarter of 2015, Madison Street Capital looks forward to increasing deal momentum in 2016 with plenty of promising results for the rest of the year. Despite other hedge fund managers reporting only lukewarm results in 2015, Madison Street Capital has successfully increased industry assets to an all-time high.

Currently, smaller and less experienced hedge fund managers are finding it difficult to acquire new capital at a time when Madison Street Capital is operating at optimal portfolio capacity level. Other hedge fund managers are facing the dual jeopardy of increased operational costs while simultaneously being under pressure to reduce fees. Thanks to the experienced financial experience of hedge fund managers at Madison Street Capital, the company has been able to navigate these two difficulties to emerge stronger than ever at the start of 2016.

Madison Street Capital has implemented an innovative, integrated approach that combines savvy financial counsel with strategic planning to provide profit momentum for its hedge fund customers. Asset managers on Madison Street Capital’s team have swiftly moved in to seize the initiative when highly fragmented hedge funds require consolidation and streamlining in order to remain competitive.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of America’s premiere investment banks. Staffed by a team of financial professionals, Madison STreet Capital leverages their relationship with banking firms to help structure and finance mergers and acquisitions. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the middle market investment banking firm has a global presence with offices in Asia, Africa, and across the North American continent.

The team of seasoned financial analysts and banking professionals of Madison Street Capital offer their clients a wide range of middle market investment banking services including crafting exit strategies, marketing and acquisition counsel for hedge funds, advising on matters of corporate governance, takeover analysis and structuring and both buy side and sell side services for holders of private equity.

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