Lime Crime Colors For Dark Hair

October 30th, 2017

Anyone with dark hair knows that dark hair is significantly harder to dye your hair fun, bright colors than people with light colored hair, and it’s almost impossible to do certain colors or get the same effects without using bleach. Bleach is horrible for the hair, and many people avoid dying their hair fun colors to protect their hair from being frizzled and dry. You don’t have to use bleach anymore, though!

Lime Crime understands this dilemma. In particular, Lime Crime has come out with four new colors that any girl with dark hair, and they have come out with a product that allows all women to dye their hair fun co hair can use without bleaching her hair first!

The new colors being released are:

  • Chestnut (deep maroon)
  • Squid (purple)
  • Charcoal (charcoal grey)
  • Sea Witch (mermaid green)

These colors come out on October 24th- perfect time for Halloween! These colors are great if you want to dress up as a witch, a mermaid, or a number of other costumes. And remember that fun colors don’t only have to be for Halloween! Express yourself by dying your color something fun and exciting. If you don’t want to make all of your hair an extreme color, you can also put in highlights or dye the bottom half of your hair to give you a pop of color. Spice up your look with a new color that won’t cause extensive damage to your hair- or the environment.

One other great thing about Lime Crime is that these hair dyes are all 100% Vegan friendly. Absolutely no animals were harmed in the process of making these products, and they share your love for our furry friends. Of course this means that no testing was done on animals.

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