Kyle Bass: Brief Glory at the Top and Subsequent Downfall

April 21st, 2016

Kyle Bass was born in the year 1969 in Miami Florida. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in and graduated with a BA of business administration in the finance and real estate finance in the year 1992 from the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in the United States.

Kyle Bass is the founder of the Hayman Capital Management which is based in Dallas in the year 2006. His brief glory was when he predicted the collapse of mortgage in the year 2008. His brief stint at the top was coupled with the sense that people saw him as a genius and some kind of a superstar.

He however has made quite a number of blunders that have impacted negatively on him. The notable one to state was when he blamed the deaths of innocent people who had died as a result of defective airbags in the vehicles manufactured by General Motors stating that the passengers were either drunk or had not worn seatbelts.

His other bad idea that has impacted on his career that has been going down is the association he has had with the Argentinean president whose economy has been dwindling with the country defaulting on its repayment of the sovereign debt for the second year in a row. His alliance with her has earned him negative publicity that has impacted to him losing more than 30 percent of his following.

Kyle Bass has also been making money in the pharmaceutical sector at the expense of the lives of many people who want to get medication. The pharmaceuticals promise good medication through research which they would fund but their main aim is to rake in profits.

In an interview recently Kyle Bass asks Americans to withdraw money from their accounts and leave it at home or put it in the mattress going by his prediction in the negative interest rates in the United States. He supports Hillary as the presidential contender as compared to Donald Trump Stating that she is the most ‘sane’ candidate.

In his interview he made a series of remarks about the nature of Chinas economy which he thinks is in the verge of going down. He says that United States is better off as compared to 2006 when he predicted the going down of mortgages. Kyle Bass no longer commands respect and audience has he did back in 2006.

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