Keith Mann Helps Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

March 4th, 2015

Based on a report from CBS News 8, Keith Mann has hit the headlines today after holding a fundraiser that he had organized in partnership with Dynamics Search Partners. He held the event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden to raise funds for the Uncommon Schools. Also attending were members of the financial services community whom collectively gathered over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. The funds are meant to sponsor student testing at a new high school opened by the charter school for the 2014-2015 school year.

Keith Mann stated that the goal of uncommon schools is to close the attainment gap and prepare millions of students from low-income backgrounds for graduation from college. He voiced his support for the mission and added that they will work towards providing every person the chance to attend college.

The charter school is opening a new high school in Brooklyn, NY. The student testing areas to be funded include AP Testing and students’ PSAT for the maiden school year. Dynamics Search Partners has been involved in previous students’ testing needs for the Uncommon Schools by offering monetary help to the tune of $10,000.

Dynamic Search Partners first partnership with the New York based Uncommon Schools was back in 2013. The partnerships’ goal is to create an on-going and meaningful platform for DSP to offer help to students in learning tactical and practical skills necessary for success in college and beyond. Keith Mann has pledged support to the school’s innovations and pledge to academic brilliance at the high school level and also looks towards better times in their relationship this year and the coming years.

During the event, Mann stated his excitement in working with the uncommon schools and had a tour of the schools saying he was inspired to see how motivated the students are to achieve college grades.

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