Keith Mann: He Sees The Good In People

December 23rd, 2016

If someone were to take the time to focus on the negative in everyone, it would be a very ugly world. Let’s face it: no one is perfect and that is OK. People make mistakes and people screw up. That is part of life. However, one mistake should not ruin a whole organization’s reputation. Right now, Keith Mann is very aware of everything that is going on with the police and how the media is driving home a negative message about them. Count Keith Mann as one of the people out there is not buying it for a second. He knows the truth about the police and he knows how wonderful they are and how hard they work, each and every day.


After all, he has an uncle that is a detective and he knows how hard he works and the kind of time and hours he puts into it. The police never get a day off and they are out there protecting every single person that they can. Whenever someone needs a helping hand, the first group they call is the police. They know they can count on them and they know they will come through. There is always going to be one or two bad people in any type of group. It is just the reality of the world, but that should not condemn a whole group of people, especially the police.


That is the thing about the media today, though, as they love to focus on the negative and really hone in on it. They know that positive stories, of which there are plenty when it comes to the police, don’t sell. They know that negative stories sell and people are buying into it. That is not Keith Mann, which is why he treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two separate occasions. He wanted them to know he had their back, through thick and thin, and he knows the truth about the police. He knows all of the wonderful men and women that do a very, very hard job. It is a thankless job at times, but they do it because they care about people.

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