Kate Hudson Brings Her Star Power To Fabletics

November 13th, 2017

Almost everybody has now heard of the Fabletics range of athletic clothing which has made a dent in the huge profits seen every year by Amazon with its simple to use Website and dedicated lifestyle quiz making choosing the correct workout and leisure wear as simple as possible. Taking the lifestyle quiz is a simple and easy first step to take as potential Fabletics members look to learn more about the designer clothing on offer from the brand. What is less well known about Fabletics is the role played by actress Kate Hudson in forming and pushing forward the brand as the power of Fabletics customers has shown itself in the advancement of one of the fastest growing companies in the Online retail sector.


Fabletics has always been at the forefront of the latest advances in Online retail and marketing tools in its bid to make a major impression on the stranglehold Amazon has maintained over the Online retail sector. After launching in 2013, Fabletics has grown by an astonishing 200 percent and has become a major power in the latest marketing strategies where the power of crowd-focused marketing has become a key tool; consumer reviews are becoming increasingly important in the retail industry as the majority of Americans now search for reviews before making a decision about both a product and retailer to make their purchase from. Recent studies have shown more than 80 percent of consumers believe reviews are as important as a personal recommendation about either a product or retailer as the marketing needs of the industry is seen to be shifting.


Alongside the growing trend for reviews harnessed by Fabletics, the role of co-founder, Kate Hudson has become a key part of the success of the fledgling athletic wear brand. Hudson has changed the way the public see brand ambassadors with the majority of brands in the U.S. after she was chosen in the planning stages of Favbletics to become far more than simply an ambassador swearing the products of the Fabletics brand. The “Almost Famous” actress was the first choice of Fabletics co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to become the face of the campaign as they believed her active, happy lifestyle was the perfect match for their new brand.


The role played by Kate Hudson takes in almost every aspect of the Fabletics brand from design to sales and the development of the Online brand. Hudson has played a major role in making sure the design process is always aimed at providing the best possible athletic wear for the members of the retailer who has seen its customer service department undergo major changes with the aid of Kate Hudson as much more than simply the face of its marketing materials.

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