Jennifer Walden Returns Home To Continue Her Career And Family

October 25th, 2016

Jennifer Walden is one of the United States’s leading and most talented cosmetic surgeons. She began her career working with a professional in New York City. His specialty was working with the eyes, ears, and throat. As a surgeon, she began to learn what it was to explain the procedures and understand the processes of surgery better. Jennifer enjoyed most of her time spent in Manhattan but she began to feel the pull back to her hometown in 2011. After eight years in Manhattan, she made the decision to move back to Texas and open her own Satellite office. Jennifer wasn’t the only person moving back to Austin Texas. She took with her the twin sons she had given birth to recently.


Being a cosmetic surgeon takes a lot of skill and precision. Doing routine breast reduction takes a lot of precision to make sure the breast end up in the same place and the same size. When reduction is the surgical procedure, the surgeon will make marks on the body prior to cutting. Most breast reduction surgeries require the removal of the nipples so the surgeon must be able to judge the make the incisions in the right place and to replace the nipples when completing the surgery. Jennifer Walden does many surgeries such as this but she really prefers to do the noninvasive surgeries such as laser surgery. This is done when people are in need of things removed and do not want large cuts or scars. She also does a lot of Botox injections to help men and women that have wrinkles. Botox is the art of injecting a liquid filler into the wrinkles themselves. There may be some bruising but after time the Botox does wonders.


Jennifer has won several awards in her career. The AMA award and the ASPS award. She was voted among the best beauty surgeons in America and has been the featured guest of ABC and other talk shows. You can read about her in Vive Magazine and the American Airlines Magazine. Once Jennifer made the decision to follow her dream of becoming a surgeon, she has not stopped being successful.

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