Jellybean and Beneful

December 9th, 2015

We were surprised to open the door one cold winter morning to a small cinnamon-colored dog. She had been set out, abandoned. Well, of course we fell in love with her. We named her Jellybean because of her color.

Jellybean was kind of skinny when she showed up. She was going to need really good quality food to help her regain her health and vitality. Beneful to the rescue. We chose the Beneful Playful Life dog food. The protein-rich food and great taste would help her back to a good weight. The nutrients would ensure she regained her healthy coat and strong bones. In no time at all, Jellybean was an active and happy member of the family.

Our Jellybean is very special to us. So we treat her special. Dry food is good, but dry food with the added texture and sauce of Beneful Romana Style Medley is a real treat. Tasty meats and veggies and a special sauce blend perfectly with the dry food for a delicious different meal time menu.

My plan is to have Jellybean happy and healthy on for years to come. When she is older, she may develop problems, dental problems, weight problems and more. I hope not, but we have to be prepared. I have done research and found that Beneful offers a Healthy Weight blend of dry dog food that will be perfect for her golden years. Additionally, if she should lose some teeth, I can always feed her the soft and delicious Beneful on twitter Chopped Blends. With carrots, salmon and beef, I know she will be getting the vitamins and minerals and protein to carry her through. Being a wet food, it will be easy for her to eat, even if she develops dental problems later on in life.

Thanks to Jellybean and Beneful, I look for many more happy years with my furry friend.

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