Jeffry Schneider Is The Dedicated Man Behind The Success of Ascendant Capital

April 8th, 2017

Jeffry Schneider the dedicated man who runs Ascendant Capital LLC. as its CEO and founder. He loves to travel and has visited locations around the world in Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia. His business pursuits have all led to profit, and everyone who has partnered up with him has good things to say about the man who has made over $1 billion for several different managers through his company, Ascendant. He started out his career by working for several different high-class firms including Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney, and also worked in the management teams of both Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. As an expert in the alternative investment industry, Jeffry has found himself being one of the top names in the field.

Jeffry Schneider is a also a philanthropist who takes a lot of what he earns and gives it to different charities. As someone who calls Austin, Texas his home, he gives plenty to local organizations. He donates his time and money to Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, which is a charity that creates opportunities for disabled or underprivileged children by offering a summer camp with fun activities. He also donates to Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Trinity Episcopal School of Austin, the Cherokee Home for Children, and Wonders and Worries. Many of these charitable causes help children who would otherwise have a much harder time in life. Jeffry sees no reason why this should happen in a world where we have the resources to help, and he has pledged to continue giving as much as he can throughout his life.Find Jeffry on Facebook.

Jeffry attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in science. He believes that a good education is a must in today’s busy world. He also believes and has found through his own research how much eating a good diet can affect how well you perform in school and in life. He shares what he finds with his coworkers and his peers, and at Ascendant he has made sure that every team member has access to healthy and nutritious food.

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