Jason Halpern’s Ventures and Prosperity in the Real Estate Sector

January 31st, 2017

Jason Halpern is a top professional in the delivery of real estate development solutions. He is the proprietor of a Brooklyn-based company, which is known as the JMH Development. Mr. Halpern also acts as the managing director of the enterprise. The real estate guru’s family has been in the sector for approximately five decades. JMH Development manages vast business spaces in the Westchester County. Jason has been working in the industry for a couple of years and has acquired sufficient expertise in the development of state-of-the –art buildings.

Mr. Halpern is highly passionate about his career in the industry, and this has supported him in building a niche and reputation for himself. He has worked in many regions and is devoted to developing robust and long-lasting relationships with the residents of those areas. His company has learned always to appreciate the communities that it serves. The solutions that are offered by the JMH Development are comprehensive, and the firm deals with the construction of residential and commercial properties. It has been highly innovative when designing its buildings since it primarily targets are wealthy clients that are based in the Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn markets. Jason has also acquired ample information on different real estate markets.

Apart from Mr. Halpern’s business ventures, he has also displayed his generosity by donating toward various community undertakings. He has been among the benefactors of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which currently operates from the Westchester Medical Center. A top-notch Level 1 Trauma Facility has been constructed at the hospital. The institution has majored in offering a variety of medical services, and they are fixing dislocated limbs, emergency neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and open heart surgery. It also treats children, burn victims, pregnant women, and internally injured patients.

Jason Halpern

The JMH has also been taking part in philanthropic deeds in different regions of the globe. It recently joined efforts with a multinational non-profit water foundation and currently supplies water to the people of Nepal and Ethiopia. The company donates $20,000 from every construction tender that it wins at the Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. There are more than 650 homes that have gained from this project.

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