Jared Haftel Is Sharing Secrets For Obtaining A Job in Investment Banking

August 9th, 2015

Finding a job these days is difficult, I know this first hand. I first found Jared Haftel through a friend who was following one of his blogs. I had the education and experience, yet I was having trouble finding a job that could sustain my families growing needs. I needed help but couldn’t find anything out there I could afford. After doing some research on Haftel, I was hooked! As an investment officer for large corporations, like Bank of America, he was destined for success as he has graduated college within the past five years.

I didn’t even get through the first article written by Haftel before I realized what my problem was. I was going about my process the wrong way. It was my resume; it was a shamble of what it should have been. This could have been the number one reason why I wasn’t getting the first interview, let alone the job. My resume was full of fluff, which is the biggest no-no for any inquiry about a job. Because I didn’t have a whole lot of experience, I found countless other things to put on my resume. Haftel encourages people to create their resumes with about fifty percent of it containing work experience. I was focusing on my education and skills, and of course my career objective.

Jarod has worked within his companies with those who hire. Because he has insider information, he knows what they look for and what they avoid. Oftentimes, people get their resumes submitted and never hear back from the company. This is for many reasons. The first reasons people don’t hear a call back is because they don’t qualify. I am one of those that applies for any and every job with hopes of getting a call. The other reason is because their resume never attracted the attention of the hiring manager. If there is a large stack of resumes, something has to spark an interest in the application or it will be tossed and they will be on to the next one.

Haftel encourages honesty on the resume. So many people hope and pray that their references aren’t checked and that perhaps they might not pay that much attention to information included. The fact is, companies who are hiring those in financial careers often do more intensive checks. From credit to criminal, it is pretty safe to say that no aspect of a person’s life can be hidden during the hiring process. These large banking institutions that require someone to handle their money will want a person who is on the up and up. That is why Jarod encourages everyone to make sure that they are transparent on their application and during interviews. If there is a gap in employment, or someone left a company on bad terms, it’s important to make sure that this is not hidden, but rather explained.

I follow all of his blogs and follow his various articles on the internet. I implement every tip and recommendation to ensure success. Yes, the job market is tough these days, but there are plenty of jobs out there. Employers have just become increasingly picky with whom they hire. Jarod Haftel is not just all hype either; he has a MBA and several Bachelor’s degrees to back up his vast knowledge. As a current employee of Vector Capitol, he knows the inside connections that are needed to help people like me find a new career.

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