James Dondero and His Contributions in the American Financial Market

September 9th, 2015

James Dondero on nexbank is a graduate of Finance and Accounts from the University of Virginia. He also holds other professional qualifications in CIMA and CFA. Among the main titles he is known by, the most prominent is his Presidency of the Highland Capital Management. This is an Investment Company that offers alternative credit and investment options.

James Dondero has over 30 years in the American financial industry. During this time he has worked with many small and big enterprises in managerial and directorship positions. Notable among them include the American Express and Protective Life Insurance in the 1980s.

He has amassed a lot of experience in these money markets all through his 30 years of work and continues to do so. It is this thorough knowledge and management of some of these financial and investment markets that make him one of the most valued people by upcoming and existing financial companies.

James has, however, in the recent past been much involved in the management of his co-founded company Highland Capital Management. He has devoted all his time and experience for over a decade now to the establishment of this company. This hasn’t gone fruitless as he together with his partner, John Okada, and a host of other directors have grown it from a concept to a multi-billion enterprise.

He has immensely contributed to the growth, expansion, and investor confidence in the American money markets especially being among the pioneers in the Hedge fund industry. In a slightly over two decades, James and his partner have raised over $20 Billion in investments for their Hedge Fund. This hasn’t been easy and has taken them a strong show of commitment on their part to attract investors to what they offer.

His commitments to the Financial Sector is however not limited to his activities at the Highland Capital. He sits and chairs several other boards of both financial and non-financial companies. He is currently the chairman of the board of Cornerstone Heath Care Group Holding and Nextpoint Residential Trust Inc. He is also a Director at American Banknote Corporation and MGM Holdings Inc.

His experience spans across various fields in the financial industry as he has had either direct or indirect attachment with most of them. Some of these include banking, insurance, asset management, security markets, and even the health care. James, his sort of experience, is just what many companies need to lift them to the next step. This is what he is continually doing in all the sectors of this industry that he is involved in.

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