Investing With Highland Capital

August 26th, 2015


Investing is one of the most essential aspects of building wealth over time. There are few people that have been able to amass large amounts of wealth without having a solid investing plan. There are many investing firms on the market today that promise to earn clients a high rate of return. However, few of these firms have the track record that Highland Capital does over the long term. It is important for anyone that is investing with professionals to understand their strategy and be comfortable with how they are managing the funds. One of the most well known people in personal finance is Jim Dondero, who is the founder and leader of Highland Capital. Early on in his career, James Dondero had a vision to change the world through his work with Highland Capital. There are few companies that have the client base or influence in the market that Highland Capital does. Here are several tips for anyone that is looking to increase their rate of return in their portfolio.


One of the keys to success over the long term is to diversify using a variety of different funds. When certain sectors of the economy drop, diversification helps the portfolio to stay in balance. Many studies show that portfolios that are properly diversified earn a higher rate of return over the long term than those that are not. This is one of the keys to investing, both because it is effective and because it is fairly easy to do.

Think Long Term

Another important aspect to investing is to think long term. There are going to be times when the market is up and down. Always remember to execute the investing strategy that you come up with. The people that are able to keep their minds straight while the market is going down are the ones that will succeed. Instead of viewing a down market as a time to panic, view it as a buying opportunity. There are many people that sold their investment funds at the bottom of the market, only to miss out on one of the largest bull markets in the history of the United States. As an investor, never be driven by emotion when making investing decisions.

James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the most well known and successful people in the investing field. At an early age, James Dondero founded Highland Capital and was able to build the company up to what it has become today. There are few people that have been able to attain his level of success in the finance field. He is a great example of the impact that just one person can make.

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