Improving Public Education through Rocketship Education

October 16th, 2017

The lack of emphasis in public schools has led to the rapid decline in the public education sector. Most parents prefer taking their kids to private schools. Rocketship school seeks to provide quality education for both public and private school goers. Rocketship education opened a school in San Jose California whose impact is being felt in the community based on its incredible progress.

The program aims to provide education for all by eliminating barriers such as; ethnicity, race, class, or creed. By doing so, it enables the learners to appreciate diversity echoed by some scholars such as Malcolm Gladwell.

Initially, when the program started, it had three teachers and a student’s head. It worked for some individuals but failed in others mainly due to the lack of structures. However, for the areas it worked, it was due to an adult culture based on continuous learning, weekly goal setting, and actionable feedback.

In some cases, learners feared being judged by the educator thus performing poorly from expected. To avoid such cases, the program puts to abreast in hiring teachers who value instant feedback and are ready to embrace the system. Rocketship has led to an overall strengthening of the mechanism.

The program offers not only student agency but also caters the unique needs of each student. The goal is achieved by regular visits to the students and interacting with the parents. This helps to develop a strong bond with the student and the families.

The program has been welcomed openly in the community as it seeks to improve public education and create a parallel system. The program openly rejects the use of classrooms as this will undermine the role of parents to engage beyond the system. The system revolves around parent leadership. This will enable them to hold their leaders accountable, demand political attention and offer high public schools systems.

With the ten years of the system, the most valuable lesson gained is that if we are to address the problems in public schools, parents need to speed up the action for high-quality education. Parents are the voice of change to creating a sound system. Public school should not be underrated but rather should be embraced by the society.

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