Immigrants Have Better Health than Canadian-Born Citizens

March 2nd, 2015

Those who are immigrating to Canada are enjoying better health than those who were born and raised on Canadian soil. The bad news is those healthy immigrants are finding themselves experiencing declining health after they have lived in Canada for a while.

No one knows why.
A Statistics Canada study released earlier this week on that I found on my friend Bernardo Chua’s blog, reveal that healthy immigrants are entering the country, but are soon losing their health edge over Canadian-born citizens. While the health of immigrants decline, the death rate does not exceed that of the Canadian citizens.
The theory behind the increased health that immigrants bring with them to Canada is thought to be a more healthier lifestyle lived prior to entering the borders of Canada. Once the immigrants have settled into the culture and adopted the typical lifestyle of Canadians, their health begins to decline.
A more in-depth study will be required to discover the exact reasons that immigrants are healthier. A country-by-country study will be needed for definitive answers regarding the eating habits and activity levels of Canadian immigrants to unlock the door to their better health.

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