Igor Cornelsen; An Exceptional Investment Advisor

June 20th, 2017

Igor Cornelsen is an esteemed entrepreneurial emeritus, having spent his entire career as a venture capitalist as well as well financial advisor. After retirement, he established the Bainbridge group, an organization whose primary objective is to provide clients with knowledge on how to take advantage of falling stocks. On top of that, the enterprise is a key player in the securities market, where it handles matters concerning foreign currencies and commodity investments.


Igor Cornelsen spent most of his working days in Brazil, his motherland. It was here that he built his name, mainly be steering in the country’s most prominent financial institutions to impressive heights. During his stint, the nation was struck by a fiscal crisis, but he guided the bank through the storm, and then went on to make profits in the process. As a result, Igor Cornelsen also played a vital role in upholding the economic status of Brazil. Currently, Igor is a golf enthusiast, as the game is one of his favorites.

Advice To Prospective Investors

For a majority of individuals, making a decision on where to invest always presents a conundrum. This is entirely understandable, as investment poses plenty of difficulties and risks, especially to novices. However, every investor is bound by a set of rules, to which no one is exempted, whether a newbie or an experienced head. It is imperative that venture capitalists have an in-depth knowledge of the sector they plan to inject their cash into. To minimize the risk of investing wrongly, the following guidelines should be strictly adhered to;

  1. Track your Money

Every investment comes with a significant proportion of risk. This rule applies to all categories of investment, irrespective of how lucrative they may appear. While it is almost impossible to negate the possibility of risks, it can be reduced substantially. For this reason, shareholders should keep a close watch on their investments, and evaluate if they are bringing in positive returns. If profitable, the venture should be pursued, but if not, it is not worth wasting time and resources on.

  1. Embrace diversity

An investor should not put all eggs in a single basket. By investing in an array of franchises, the probability of risk is considerably reduced. Also, more investments translate into more returns.

  1. Seek professional advisory services

Before investing in a commodity, it is recommended to obtain the opinion of an expert. Though their services come at a cost, it is entirely worth it, as they equip entrepreneurs with the secrets for success in a particular industry.


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