Humanities Tragic Relationship with Whales

March 16th, 2015

In gloomy news, it has recently been reported that we humans killed nearly 3 million whales throughout the 20th century. This number is more than anyone believed it to be before. Men have been hunting whales since before the 20th century, but the technology for killing them had been perfected by that century. As a result, we came close to wiping out various species of whale before increasing numbers of nations became concerned and started launching conservation efforts and making agreements to restrict their hunting. These efforts were very timely since whaling, as has been pointed out in this article, was not a sustainable industry due to the fact that all nations of the world combined were killing them at a faster rate than they could reproduce.

It was hard to blame people for whaling in the 19th century and earlier as the products derived from them were needed for our survival as many using AnastasiaDate have said. For some time now, however, we have had alternatives to anything we needed from whales, so there is no justification for continuing to kill these majestic mammals. The problem with bans or even agreed reductions on whaling is that individual nations do not have to join such limitations. Hopefully more nations will realize it is in their own long-term interest to preserve these magnificent animals for their own sake and their posterity and at least limit the amount they hunt on an annual basis.

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