How Vincent Parascandola has developed his career in the Finance Sector

May 28th, 2017

AXA Advisors is a top business that is appreciated for the outstanding finance solutions that it provides to its customers across the globe. Its expertise is in the provision of global insurance solutions and controlling investments for its clients. The corporation runs branches in different parts of the world, and they include North America, Western Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The worth of the firm has been rising at an average of the 14 percent in the past decade, and this has enabled it to be regarded as the fastest growing business in the industry. The finance guidance that is provided by AXA Advisors has been essential in ensuring a secure financial future for corporations and individual. The firm was created in 1895, and its main branch is based in France.


The company has managed to take over the international market by using mergers and acquisitions as primary strategies. It has bought and absorbed various leading businesses in the industry, and they include Equitable, Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, Winterthur Group, and Guardian Royal Exchange. AXA has been a benefactor to various charitable projects. In 2008, it formed a unit that is known as AXA Research Fund, and its primary goal is to offer financial support to various organizations that research about matters that endanger the environment and human life.


Vincent Parascandola is one of the highly respected professionals who serve the finance industry. He acts as the senior executive deputy president at AXA Advisors. The leading roles that he plays at the firm include bettering it administration, coaching finance professionals, and providing recruitment solutions. He holds a degree from the New York-based Pace University. Vincent started his profession by being an employee of Prudential. MONY Life Insurance also hired him as an agent. His outstanding work was appreciated by the firm, and he was offered an opportunity to hold executive positions.


Parasacondola once served as the president of the Advantage Group, which is a unit that is owned by the AXA Equitable. He then moved to AXA Advisors. His service has been essential in the provision of excellent finance solutions to the company’s clients. Vincent has been awarded by organizations such as GAMA, and he is also a reputable motivational speaker.


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