How Equity First Holdings Provides Affordable Financial Solutions

April 13th, 2017

Equity First Holding is a globally renowned company that specializes in the provision of financial solutions to its clients. Their method of loan disbursement has enabled people to achieve their business and financial goals. Equities First Holdings provides financial services to individuals, either for commercial or noncommercial purposes. The lending procedure is usually based on securities.The company has branches in numerous states and countries all over the world including England, Hong Kong, United States, Bangkok and Sydney. The corporation’s headquarters are in Indianapolis, which is located in Indiana.

The firm has been operating for 14 years, and its total assets are now worth more than $40million.The company also provides financial services to high net worth individuals. The firm has managed to come up with products for these individuals that fit their needs. The company is committed to offering attractive terms through a technique that is secure and well evaluated. Since it was started, the company has finalized more than 625 transactions. The way the organization operates ensures that the clients get to achieve their financial goals with better terms as compared to other institutions of lending.

The firm first started its operations at its head office in Indianapolis. After growing for some time, it began launching its satellite offices in different parts of the world. Currently, Equities First Holdings is categorized as one of the most successful institutions in the world that provide lending services. It has managed to work with thousands of startup businesses and assisted them to achieve their financial goals using the stock as collateral.Most of the lending institutions often require a person to prove ownership of physical assets for them to secure a loan. This works against most startups because a majority of them do not have the property. But in Equities First Holdings, their needs are adequately catered for, and this has made the company’s growth and development improve.

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