Holds Luncheon for Local Women’s Foundation

November 27th, 2017

Nexbank is a financial institution based in Dallas, Texas that has recently announced itself as being a sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 32nd annual luncheon. With a donation of $100,000, Nexbank will provide support for the foundation which will help advance the economic security and leadership for women. The luncheon was scheduled to be held on Friday October, 20th at the Hilton Anatole Hotel located in Dallas. At the luncheon, a keynote address will be featured. The address will be made by one of the most influential people for TIME Magazine Dr. Hope Jahren. This individual is among the top award winning scientists and bestselling authors. During the address, 20 schools and 10,000 students across North Texas will be able to listen to it through livestream.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation holds the luncheon every year. Each time the event is held, the foundation invites a number of community leaders, business executives and civic leaders to attend. One of the most notable characteristics of the Dallas Women’s Foundation is that it is among the world’s largest women’s funding group. It is also a trusted leader advancing positive change for females in both social and economic endeavors. By holding an annual luncheon, the Dallas Women’s Foundation will often be in position to reveal its progress as well as get inspirational advice from top leaders in the community.

A top participant in this annual luncheon is Nexbank. This organization is a regional bank that has assets of $6.4 billion. The bank was founded back in 1922 and has established itself as one of the top financial institutions in Texas. With this bank, a number of customers can take advantage of services in the commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. The bank serves a variety of clients such as institutional clients, corporations and other financial institutions. Nexbank is also part of the entity known as Nexbank Capital Inc.

Over the years, Nexbank has been one of the leading financial institutions in the southern region of the United States. Each year the bank provides assistance to individuals and businesses that are looking to more efficiently manage their finances. The bank lends money to individuals who are seeking to start a business, finance a home and purchase a vehicle. It also allows them to open up checking and savings accounts as well. When it comes to serving businesses, Nexbank provides loans to companies that are in need of funding to start up or expand. Businesses can also open up accounts to store their funds as well.

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