Hillary, you go girl. Wait, we will go with you!

April 30th, 2015

Hillary Clinton started to outline the initiatives that will certainly garner her the presidency next year. Clinton assailed the mass incarceration instinct of the Republican Party. The perception of minorities as inherent criminals that must suffer the most severe punishments versus their white counterparts that often only receive wrist slaps for the same crimes will begin to crumble. This is a further step than Obama was able to take because of all the racial division that his transformative election caused with the opposition. The psychology of the opposition to Obama would be interesting to see physically with brain imaging with Amen Clinics. Ironically, many of these initiatives were put in place as President Clinton sought a position of triangulation to win reelection and to move an incalcitrant republican majority in the house. This opposition was led by none other than venerable Newt Gingrich.

She is against prison time for many nonviolent offenders and rehabilitation services to those that are afflicted with addiction. She has stated many times that she is against the legalization of marijuana, but this clearly will decriminalize it. A bellicose police force will not be able to mar the futures of minority children with very minor drug issues. This means that her presidency will be more transformative than Obama’s election. Her speech was timely considering the issues in the country today.

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