Hedge Fund Manager Speaks His Thoughts About Donald Trump

January 30th, 2016

Americans across the political spectrum will be facing a new election for the highest office in the land in the coming year. President Obama cannot run for a third term by law so Americans will get the opportunity to choose his replacement in November. In this instance, the Republican party and the Democratic party know that both parties have captured the attention of the American public and can hopefully present the public with a candidate who is right for their needs. While the Democratic race has largely been confined to the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Republican race is considered more open to possible contenders.

One such contender for the Republican nomination is famous businessman Donald Trump. Trump has long been visible to many Americans via his career as a real estate developer and his work on television. Many people in the United States are familiar with his stance as a businessman but many were also startled to see Trump take a run for the presidency. His campaign has attracted both a great of criticism and a great deal of praise. Some people see him shaking up the political system. Others have been less than pleased at some of his statements on various issues including issues of foreign policy.

Someone who has been highly critical of some of Trump’s proposals is fellow billionaire George Soros. Soros is not as visible to Americans as Trump. However, he is quite respected in much of the world where he has been a familiar face. George Soros grew up in Hungary and then immigrated to the United States. His skillful investing has earned him a fortune and the respect of many. In a recent interview for Bloomberg television, Soros choose to speak out about some of Trump’s statements on the issue of possible Muslim migration to the United States from war torn places such as Syria.

While Trump has proposed either reducing the numbers of migrants drastically or even getting rid of all such possible migration altogether,Forbes Billionaire George Soros finds this opinion unhelpful in the present situation. He points out that many Muslims may see Trump’s remarks as insulting and may decide that the United States is not with them. This may cause many to decide that perhaps it is better to join a radical Islamic organization such as ISIS. In his view, this would be a very bad thing for the region as it would lead to yet more destabilization and a growing religious extremism there. He thinks that Trump should do more to consider the real implications of his words and temper his words on this situation in the future. Soros hopes that Trump will take his advice as he intends.

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