Healthier Pet Foods Are Delighting Pet Owners

February 9th, 2016

Families that are into health and wellness can now include their pets in on the game. Pet food manufacturers are dishing up healthy, nutrition dense and gourmet recipe styled selections that are sure to whet the taste buds of your furry family member. This new eat-like-your-owner strategy seems to working, pumping even more money into this $23.7 billion dollar industry. A wise choice for any pet food manufacturer would be to follow the global trend of healthier food for a more vibrant lifestyle, even for pets. Catering to special needs pets is another growing sector. Purina markets a Bright Minds dog food for older dogs. They use an enhanced botanical oil which is easier for older dogs to metabolize has shown to result in increased alertness and mental sharpness in thirty days.

Beneful offers complete lines of dog food specially formulated to follow your dog through all the stages of their life. Their Healthy Puppy is calcium rich to aid growing bones and also contains DHA which has been proven to support healthy brain and vision development. As your dog enters adulthood, Beneful‘s Playful Life dry dog food is formulated with enough calories and nutrition rich foods such as beef, eggs and vegetables to keep your dog supplied with energy throughout the day. When pets grow older, weight gain is often a concern. This is where switching to the Beneful Healthy Weight kibble, a calorie smart yet one hundred percent nutritionally rich food helps maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing flavor.

Beneful remains one pet food manufacturer that meets or exceeds every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement and continuously tests their products for over 150 toxic substances. They offer a twenty-four hour, seven day a week chat line to support pet owners who are looking to serve the highest quality wet and dry food available to their pets. The health and well-being of dogs has always been the driving force behind Beneful’s product line, and the company is poised to continue serving consumers who are looking for healthier options in pet food.



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