Handy Is The Hottest App On The App Store Today

October 25th, 2015

Everybody loves to leave work and come home to a clean house. Unfortunately, there is not enough time out of the day to clean a house before one goes to work. Even if somebody lives on their own, it is still difficult to keep a house picked up. It is just so nice to not have to clean up after one’s self all the time, but the mess sure can add up and become very messy relatively quickly. Hiring someone to clean is pretty much out of the picture for most people, or, at least it has been in the past. Luckily for everybody who has a roof over their head, Handy is a place where house cleaners can list house cleaning services for anybody within a certain proximity.

Handy is compared to the popular taxi app uber by Mr. Oisin Hanrahan, one of the co-founders of Handy, because it is so easy to find someone to provide services near the user, the services are cheap, and the app helps regulate listings to ensure that no person or business that has provided unruly services or ones that are not up to par. One of the many appeals of Handy is the fact that it is required to be filtered all of the time. Handy only lets a small sliver of applicants on the app, which makes for low prices for consumers and great quality services. This helps out the reputation of the app tremendously.

Handy is not exclusively for people that want to clean homes because actually about 15% of listings on the app are for carpentry and plumbing. Some homes actually need repair rather than cleaning, or both, which some listings provide. Handy only lets the best, most reputable and experienced workers on the app.

Handy was actually founded by two students at Harvard Business School. The co-founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were roommates at the program when the first met each other. The knowledge that was learned from going to Harvard and the combined brain power of the two founders is what has helped establish Handy as such a successful app.

Cleaning services of all types are provided on Handy. Some homeowners only need a few things done rather than an entire cleaning process, while some homes are dirty and require hard cleaning to return to being clean and sparkly. Different providers are able to provide any services that a professional, commercial home cleaning company would be able to provide. The range of activities that Handy provides helps appeal to users.

Handy is free for consumers to use. Cleaners have to pay a fee of around twenty percent of whatever they earn from cleaning. Luckily, the amount charged by cleaners is somewhere in the ballpark of $16 to $22, with an average of approximately eighteen dollars an hour. Handy is able to be downloaded for free, and there is absolutely nothing that needs to be paid for until a cleaning service is completed by a service provider.

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