Guidelines For Business Wikipedia Pages

March 13th, 2015

Most businesses make pages on Wikipedia because Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia. The website gets tons of traffic because it has more than 16 million posts. When content is placed on Wikipedia, Google will list the page in the search results. This is another huge benefit because a high ranked indexed page will drive more traffic to the Wikipedia page. However, some businesses owners cannot get pages posted on Wikipedia because they don’t follow the companies rules and guidelines. To ensure success, every page should have a few important elements.

The Development Process

Most businesses create stub articles when they make Wikipedia pages. These articles are short entries on a specific subject. They usually have a few sentences and a bit of information about the business. According to marketing experts, creating stub articles is ok if all the information is factual. Marketing language should not be used on the page, and the content must not include heavy marketing phases about the company’s accomplishments.

Other Considerations

Wikipedia has a Conflict of Interest policy that must be followed. Users cannot contribute to articles that they are connected to. When users do this, they may be considered as spammers. This is why businesses should never pay random people for Wikipedia content.

Community Support

Most business owners contact other experts in their industry when they need valuable Wikipedia content. The most popular Wikipedia service for businesses is probably There are tons of people who will willing develop an entry for established businesses. However, always talk to the individual in advanced because the person must be knowledgeable about the company. The person must provide the proper facts and correct tone to avoid a possible page deletion.

Never offer an expert a gift for creating an article. This often leads to issues that result in an article deletion. Once a proper expert is found, ensure that all community guidelines and standards are followed.

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