Growing Big Through the Fabletics Way

July 10th, 2017

Fabletics is set to open more retail stores to add to the sixteen which are already in operation. This is a clear sign of the growing business operations of Fabletics. The company has maintained a three digit growth percentage every year since it was launched in 2013. In the current Fashion market, a retail store managing to thrive with the existence of Amazon is a great deal which cannot be taken for granted. Fabletics can boast of an ever growing market base currently having more than one million subscribers. They are determined to create an enormous online presence as having online information is their key retailing structure.


Fabletics can account its success to reverse show rooming. This is whereby they have developed a model which allows their customers to interact with them and create relationships. Fabletics recognizes that currently the quality of a product is not just defined by its price. Nowadays, people are more concerned with durability and customer satisfaction. This is why Fabletics seeks to build relationships with their customers so that they are aware what their customers want. This way, instead of people just opening their site to checkout the items and then going to buy them elsewhere, they can get products that are perfectly tailored for them.


Fabletics is operated hand in hand with its mother company, TechStyle Fashion Group. This company is owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. When the two were establishing Fabletics, they sought the help of a third partner who turned out to be Kate Hudson. The duo says that they made the right decision as Kate has been hugely involved in the success of Fabletics.


The company launched in 2013 with the aim of producing the best products for almost half the market price that existed. With Kate on their side, they started off by upgrading their information systems in a way that they could collect data from their subscribers on the range of products they prefer. By doing so, they are able to determine which products are selling fast, those doing fairly, and those that are not moving.


Kate says that being linked to a parent company that has the necessary resources, market experience, and capital has been the highlight of her work. She says that 70 percent of the activities of Fabletics such as social media management is done collectively which has saved them both the time and resources for sourcing for a workforce to handle those sectors. Despite all these achievements both at the company and personal level, Kate does not plan on leaving her acting career. She says that acting is her life and will continue acting even as they grow and expand Fabletics to become an internationally recognized brand. Taking on Amazon is a clear reflection of what the future holds for Fabletics.

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