Group of Satirists Use Laughter to Fight Against ISIS

March 10th, 2015


According to,  the pen is mightier than the sword, and the same can be said for comedy, especially satire and parody. A group of Syrians who live in Turkey called the Daya Altaseh Collective makes videos that parody and satirize the leaders of ISIS and their followers in an attempt to fight back against the group.

After fleeing to Turkey to escape the violence in their country, the four Syrians met and formed a group that wanted to use alternative media and comedy to fight against the growing unrest in their home country. Their hope is to use comedy to help fight against violence and terror, by painting ISIS and it’s followers as hypocritical, ridiculous, and otherwise less than admirable. They also wish to show the rest of the world that the views and beliefs of ISIS do not represent the majority of the Arabic world, and do not represent the views of the majority of Muslims.

They post satirical videos on a regular basis, and while they are in Arabic, several of the videos are subtitled in English, including this one which depicts a leader of ISIS who listens to pop music and sends selfies when no one is looking.

The group avoids using Muslim symbols in their videos as a way to distance ISIS from Muslims. They want people to understand that ISIS does not really represent the Muslim faith and that they, and the majority of Muslims feel that ISIS does not have the right to use these symbols of faith.

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