Greece’s Continued Membership in The EU Is Problematic

March 23rd, 2015


The question, Bernardo Chua told that is still unanswered as to whether Greece will remain a member of the European Union in the near future. The final issue may not be whether Greece wants to remain in the Union after it repays the $260 billion economic bailout from the EU but rather will the remaining EU countries want Greece to remain a member. Greece Could Be A Short Lived EU Member

Germany, which was the largest contributor to the EU bailout package for Greece is very concerned that Greece will not have the economic legs to stand on its own even after the current hefty bailout. With the Euro sliding against the dollar in recent weeks, Germany as well as its other EU members are watching for any weak links in its membership which would pose a risk to the EU being able to sustain itself. The Union has been a great benefit for the european trade as the Eu member countries have been able to trade more profitably among each other and take a major stake in the monetary policies of the global economy. With the current increase of China as a global economy and Russia reemerging as a stable global giant through its partnership with the BRIC countries, Europe can not afford to be left out.

This is especially true with the U.S. economy seemingly coming out of its sluggish performance from the past few years bolstered by its ability to sell more oil onto the world market than it purchases.

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